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Terms and conditions
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• 1: Conditions
• 2 Relationship
• 3 Membership
• 4 Responsibility
• 5 Compliance
• 6 Tax
• 7 Professional invoicing
• 9 Settings

Article 1: Conditions
The proper conditions are explicit, regulatory and in accordance with the laws in force. We are committed to posting on the website the services offered:
- Plumbing

- Cleaning,

- Electricity,

- Disinfection,

- Storeroom,

- Pest control,

- Painting,

- Move,

- Renovation,

- Pool maintenance,

- Mobile grooming,

- Extreme cleaning, etc.

By uploading photos of services and rates in compliance with current regulations. The vat tax, down payments, prices and types of tariffs (hourly, daily, on the spot) are not under the responsibility of 123propre.

• Article 2: Relations
We put you in touch with customers registered on 123propre of all regions in France according to membership formulas: North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West and Paris region. Visit the affiliate guide to become a partner in your area. The proximity portal of professional display companies close to your future client. All requests made online will be forwarded to professionals able to meet the requirements of the services requested by our customers. The service portal 123owner displays your interventions, guest comments.

• Article 3: Accession
Membership is submitted after registration (free) upon receipt of the professional form. We do not favor companies according to their size. We are looking for family, professional, friendly, qualitative establishments with a number of years of experience or knowledge. We want our local or foreign clientele looking for professional services to be satisfied with their request thanks to your know-how. Membership is a document that you will receive by mail or e-mail. It will summarize the working conditions to be respected between adhering for a period of one year, the options chosen according to the formulas. The contractual ownership commitment, that of the customer and the general terms and conditions must be respected. The customer will have to respect his commitment and consider his own as a business services portal.

• Article 4: Liability
The association 123own is in no way responsible, in any way whatsoever, the order, billing, cancellation, malfunction, false information, photos of your establishment, rates of your services, rates applied on the spot or any other professional information recorded on the site 123own.
Why ? We are an associative portal that allows you to receive the request of customers, details of the desired services on all regions in France. In case of cancellation of the customers or the professional, with or without payment of order, theft of information or bad service rendered, 123owner can not be held responsible for the inconvenience caused, The acts will remain under the full responsibility of your institution or the manager. The party in question will assume full responsibility.

• Article 5: Compliance
In order to verify their conformity, we advise you, after all the orders, the validations, the estimates and the payments, to check the information of the professionals or the customers: coordinates, electronic mail, information of payment or any other information relating to the request of the service. A search can be done about your company. Why ? In case of conflict with the customer or administrative conflict, 123propre declines any contractual liability.

• Article 6: Tax
VAT, additional taxes, cancellation fees, country taxes or other taxes; the partner company is solely responsible for indicating the occasional or additional taxes. How to proceed if the tax changes? We update all tax changes after verification and indicate the tax to be discounted, the payment or any other important modification to be made in accordance with the regulations in force. In the event of an administrative tax dispute, you are solely responsible.

• Article 7: Professional invoicing
Professional billing: memberships will be billed annually from the anniversary date subscribed. You will receive an e-mail or a copy of the mail every year in your establishment. All payments will be made by transfer to the account of 123own. Bank charges, exchange rates, bank transfer tax or any other tax corresponding to your bank or country remain your responsibility.
The invoices will be sent in TTC and will have to be paid at the same amount in Euros. Why in euros? 123own is registered under the French banking system. In case of impossibility to honor the payment due of your subscription fees or commissions, we advise you to inform us as soon as possible under penalty of administrative and judicial proceedings. For any default of payment beyond 30 days, your account will be suspended from the last order. In case of cessation of activity, liquidation, unexpected closure or other, after confirmation and online payment of reservations by customers, you will be solely responsible for the damage caused to customers and will therefore be obliged to repay them under penalty prosecution.

• Article 8: Display
The digital display of all information is updated daily, optimized, referenced to publish a secure access service and consistent with all screens. In case of failure, we strive to repair the connection and programming fault. We can not be held responsible for any other inconvenience.

• Article 9: Settings
The setting up of the affiliated portal, the client, administrator, commercial or other is a secure system with a unique identifier and password for each. The username and password are confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone. Any loss, theft or other connection problem must be communicated to us as soon as possible by mail:


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