Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
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• Responsibility
• Conformity
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• Our objective

• Article 1: Conditions
The 123propre-paris75 conditions are explicit, regulatory and in accordance with the laws in force. We are committed to displaying the various business services: plumbing, cleaning, electricity, disinfection, storage, disinsectisation, painting, moving, specialized cleaning, extreme cleaning, etc ... The photos and prices of the various services are displayed in the respect of the current regulations. The vat tax, down payments, prices and types of pricing (hourly, daily, at the task) are not the responsibility of 123propre-paris75

• Article 2: Relations
We put you in touch with professional trades registered on 123propre-paris75 from all regions in France. Our associative portal is designed to find and find services at the best price and close to you. All requests made online will be forwarded to professionals / Clients able to meet your requirements. Quote rates are applied according to the regulations of registered professionals. The 123propre portal searches and selects for you the professional for a quality work, organized, in accordance with the regulations in force, at the best price.

• Article 3: Liability
The association 123propre-paris75 non-profit governed by the law of 1901 is in no way responsible for the order, billing, cancellation, malfunction, false information and photos posted by the professional. Rates posted on the site and applied on site are also not under the responsibility of the portal 123propre-paris75.

Why ?

We are a portal that helps and advice to receive business quotes, information, photos and rates of services of different companies. In case of cancellation of the professional or the customer, with or without payment, order, theft of information, non - compliant photos ... 123propre-paris75 can not be held responsible for any inconvenience.

• Article 4: Conformity
In order to verify their compliance, we advise you, after all orders, validations, reservations and payments, to check the information of professionals or customers or any other information related to the service request. In case of conflict with the customer the company www.123propre-paris75 disclaims all contractual liability.

• Article 5: Taxes
VAT, additional taxes, cancellation fees, country taxes or other taxes.
The company or the company is the only person responsible for the indication of the tax: the customer's tax, the occasional taxes, additional ...

• Article 6: Display
The digital display of all information www.123propre-paris75 site is updated daily, optimized, referenced for secure access and consistent with the screens of the portal. In the event of a breakdown, we will endeavor to repair the defect or breakdown for which we can not be held responsible.

• Article 7: Settings
The portal is a secure system with a unique login and password for each of the clients, affiliates and salespeople. Usernames and passwords are confidential and should not be disclosed. Any loss, theft or any connection problem must be communicated to us as soon as possible by mail: risque@123propre-paris75.com

• Article 8: Our goal
In order to develop the digital association and facilitate the browsing of Internet users we perform a daily update of our media, compatible with PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. Our media tools are developed daily by professionals recognized throughout the world. We work hard to implement, reference, display, optimize, develop all services information.


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